“The current aerators are old and outdated, reducing the plant’s treatment efficiencies. Therefore we need to replace all four,” Dr Dharmabalan said. Improvements will also be made to electrical equipment and site access for trade waste customers as part of this project, at a cost of $790,000. The contract for the project has been awarded to By-Jas Engineering Pty Ltd. “We have also identified that the old aerators are high energy consumers. We are undertaking improvements to minimise power needs and improve efficiency.


Effluent Treatment Plant

What is an effluent treatment plant?

What is an effluent treatment plant? Primarily, an effluent is partly treated wastewater, which is generated by homes, commercial, industrial, and agricultural activities. An effluent

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Sewage Treatment Plant

How to Treat Sewage?

How to Treat Sewage? Sewage is used water that has been polluted and generated from human activities and also rainwater runoff. it is also known

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