Aeration in Water Treatment

What is the Purpose of Aeration in Water Treatment?

Unfortunately, it has been a common practice around the world to pump great volumes of wastewater into the streams, oceans, and rivers. This practice has a negative effect on the fisheries, animals and the environment as a whole. Wastewater contains polluting substances, which is why it should first undergo treatment, before it is released to any major water bodies.

Wastewater is water that has been used in homes and in large scale industries, such as mining, manufacturing, wineries and other commercial processes. The process of converting wastewater from it being unfit for use into an effluent that can be reused for another purpose or discharged to the water cycle, without causing environmental issues is called wastewater treatment.

Wastewater treatment has three stages – the primary, which is the removal of solids, secondary, which is about bacterial decomposition and tertiary treatment, which consists of extra filtration and disinfection. The aeration in water treatment happens during the secondary stage, where air is pumped into the tank to promote the growth of bacteria in the wastewater.

Aeration in water treatment provides oxygen that is required by the bacteria living in the sludge or basin. Oxygen stimulates the activity of the bacteria. When extra oxygen is pumped into the water, biodegradation occurs. It is the most essential component of a treatment system that uses the activated sludge process. For aeration to be effective, the process should have sufficient and evenly distributed supply of air.

Aeration in Water Treatment

Without the dissolved oxygen supply, bacteria will not be successful in breaking down the incoming organic matter within a reasonable time. The treatment process will not only be slow, but it can result in septic conditions that yield a far less efficient removal of contaminants.

If you’re thinking of updating your wastewater treatment system, By-Jas Engineering has a wide range of aeration equipment that should fit your wastewater treatment requirements.

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Our aeration equipment is well designed, having a direct impact on how efficient your wastewater treatment system can perform. They can reduce the time, the treatment process takes, they can increase energy efficiency and eventually, help in cutting costs.

With our sewage treatment plants, you will be able to achieve water purification of a decent level, to the extent that the resulting effluent can be reused for agricultural, industrial and recreational purposes.

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