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What is mass loading in wastewater treatment?

What is mass loading in wastewater treatment?

If you’re planning on installing or upgrading a wastewater treatment plant, there are many factors to keep in mind, such as location, size of facility, safe disposal of waste materials and so on. In today’s times, a crucial additional factor to keep in mind is the pollution loading determinant. This determinant, usually expressed as mass per time, is also commonly known as mass loading.

So, what exactly is mass loading and why is it so important? Mass loading is an important factor in wastewater management, since it specifies the exact pollutant concentration released from the wastewater system. For example, if your sewage treatment plant releases BOD (biochemical oxygen demand) concentrated wastewater into river bodies, the mass loading factor will tell you the exact mass of BOD, which is being discharged on a daily basis.

You also need to calculate the mass loading of wastewater, in order to select the suitable size of the sewage treatment equipment required. This number can be easily calculated using two main variables: concentration of wastewater and daily flow rates of wastewater.

Wastewater Treatment

The concentration values obtained using water analysis is usually in mg/l units; while the flow rates are recorded in L/min unit. Using these two values, in addition to the time period of water flowing, the mass loading of wastewater can be calculated using one of two simple methods. The first method is called the Total Water Flow (TWF) method, while the second is commonly known as the Daily Phosphorous Discharge (DPD) method.

In order to create the perfect sewage system, it is essential to calculate the mass loading of a wastewater stream. This value will also help in deciding other factors, such as re-purging and discharging of the water.

The experts at By-Jas Engineering can help you in all aspects of your wastewater facility, including determining the mass loading capacity. We will assess the needs and requirements of your wastewater or sewage plant, along with the mass loading factor and make recommendations for the perfect size of your facility.

Once the factors are determined, we can provide a variety of aerators to match the mass loading and mixing characteristics of your wastewater treatment plant. We also provide a wide range of surface aerators used in the activated sludge removal process, during sewage treatment. Surface aerators are also necessary to re-establish oxygen into water bodies, in order to sustain the aquatic life. The design of these aerators is built to establish a large interfacial area between liquid and air, so that oxygen from the air can easily diffuse into the liquid.

By-Jas Engineering provides various types of aerators for every purpose. We guarantee that our aerators are designed for longevity and reliability. We assure you the best quality equipment and services from By-Jas Engineering. We can help bring your project into reality. Just get in touch with us at (03) 5979 1096 or check out our services on our website:

Our services cover all of Australia, including the main capital cities, regional town centres and all other remote regional areas of the country.


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