Wastewater Equipment Manufacturers

By-Jas are trusted wastewater equipment manufacturers who design, build and install a range of waste water and sewage treatment equipment.

Byjas Sewage Treatment

By-Jas Engineering Pty Ltd provide a highly specialised service and we have over 35 years of invaluable experience in the field. Therefore, our team of experts is dedicated to providing tailor made solutions. We have a wide range of fluid waste treatment requirements all across the country. Our systems have not only stood the test of time and the elements – they have been developed and improved over the years. That’s why they meet the increasing demands of our customers.

Also, we have drawn together a team of dedicated water treatment experts. The team is passionate about providing the very best in quality and service, on time every single time. Our primary area of expertise is the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of our own water treatment plants.  Our technical knowledge is targeted at the waste water  industry and other water treatment bodies across Australia.

Quality custom-made water treatment systems to the highest Australian engineering standards

Our friendly expert team offer our clients quality custom-made water treatment systems to the highest Australian engineering standards. They can arrange onsite inspections and free quotes with a fast turnaround on all of our design and build services.

We are dedicated to providing Australia’s best at highly competitive rates.

Call those experts now on 03 5979 1096 because ours is the only number that you need in all matters of fluid waste treatment anywhere in Australia.

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