Effluent Treatment Plant

What is an effluent treatment plant?

Primarily, an effluent is partly treated wastewater, which is generated by homes, commercial, industrial, and agricultural activities. An effluent is the liquid that remains on top after the screening, grit removal and sedimentation stage, where tiny particles settle from still water. The system that processes this liquid is called an effluent treatment plant. Some people also refer to this as a wastewater treatment plant.

If you have this type of facility on your property and it’s been operation for several years, this could mean that the equipment and technology may well be  outdated, and it may not be as efficient or effective as when it was first installed . Because of this, you might  consider upgrading or installing a new wastewater treatment plant, which is more cost efficient, in terms of equipment and technology and by doing so, you can recoup your capital costs back quickly.

By-Jas Engineering Pty Ltd offers a tailor-made solution for a range of wastewater treatment systems and surface aerators across Australia. Through these systems, we assure you that you can reduce your maintenance and running costs and receive a wide range of benefits from its use.

In industrial/commercial and agricultural wastewater treatment, aeration is part of the secondary treatment; the activated sludge process. This is based on introducing air into the wastewater to promote the microbial growth present in it.

There are two types of aeration, namely:

Effluent Treatment Plant

  1. Subsurface aeration, which is also called the diffused aeration system, which is designed to take oxygen to the bottom of the pond. This system uses an air compressor that delivers oxygen from its location on the shore to the diffuser that lies at the bottom of the pond.
  2. Surface aeration functions by pushing water up into the air from under the water surface, allowing the droplets to mix with oxygen. You can choose from our many types of surface aeration devices, such as floating aerators, fountains, bubblers, agitators and others.

Surface aerators are among the most popular wastewater treatment technologies and this is because they offer several benefits:

  • Surface aerators are portable – This can be moved from one place to another, by connecting and disconnecting it from its moorings.
  • Surface aerators are easy to install – Because of portability, you can position them to every location, without draining the cell. You just need to secure them with mooring and connect the electrical cables.
  • Great in rough environments – Because they are made of stainless steel and are resistant to corrosion; they are ideal for use in chemical industries, in pulp and paper plants and other extreme environment.
  • Great in shallow waters – Because these devices work on the surface of the wastewater, they are most ideal in water that is of little depth.
  • Surface aerators are not very much affected by surfactants – These are substances found in the surface area between water and air that bars the transfer of oxygen. Surface aerators are not affected by this issue.

Upgrading or installing a new wastewater treatment plant is a great investment. Contact us to request for a no obligation quote or to learn more. Contact us on (03) 5979 1096 or visit us at www.byjas.com.au.

We service across Australia, the main capital cities, regional town centres and all other remote regional areas.


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