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Why Is Good Wastewater Management of Benefit to Wineries?


Why Is Good Wastewater Management
of Benefit to Wineries?

Why Is Good Wastewater Management of Benefit to Wineries?

Wastewater management involves the purification (wastewater treatment) and proper use of the treated water. It makes sure that the water is clean enough for use by the residents. This includes washing and other purposes, also by the industries such as wineries and many others for commercial purposes. The water should also be safe enough to be discharged to natural bodies of water, such as rivers, lakes and oceans after it has been treated.

Implementing good wastewater management can be cost beneficial. You just need to find a reliable wastewater treatment manufacturer, supplier, and installer, you can trust with your project. By-Jas Engineering has grown to become an accepted leader in the market of wastewater treatment.

One of our most popular projects is the treatment of winery wastewater. Commercial processing of wine produces a large volume of liquid waste that contains organic materials and salts in huge amounts. This waste results from cleaning and processing of the product.

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The wastewater treatment and management of winery wastewater is of utmost concern, especially these days, where taking care of the environment is given primary importance. It can pose drastic consequences to vineyard owners, if they don’t take care of the environment.

There are numerous benefits to be gained; by wastewater management in wineries. These include:

–  environmental risks from wastewater discharges are reduced 

–  water supplies to the vineyard are secure

–  easier and cheaper wastewater treatment that is also suitable, proper and convenient

–  production is cleaner, there is less waste, and winery improves its cashflow

Furthermore, winery wastewater can provide a climate resilient water source, for the irrigation of public gardens, golf courses, parks, and other public places.

By Jas Engineering has a team of dedicated professionals, who are all proficient and qualified to work on wastewater treatment. Being experts in the field, they also provide design plans for your treatment plants too. However, we don’t stop as the design stage; we will also provide a system that is in accordance with your exact requirements through all stages of the project.

We will take care of all the required paperwork, by liaising on your behalf direct with the Council.

We will spend time understanding and analysing the needs of your business, including your daily flow rate requirement. We will take care of all the required paperwork, with regards to your land application and local Council regulations; before we design a winery wastewater solution that is customised to your needs and budget.

Maintenace Platform for Aerators

We offer you a tailored solution in ensuring that your processed water is uncontaminated and correctly balanced. We also deal efficiently with the highly strong wastewater that the wineries discharge. Our treatment solutions involve anaerobic or aerobic processes, which is the most suitable and biological treatment solution for the winery. This is because at By-Jas Engineering, we realize that the “one method fits all approach” is not applicable to every commercial entity.

For a better understanding of what we offer, please contact us on 03 5979 1096 or visit us at

We service right across Australia, all major capital cities, regional town centres and all other regional and remote areas.


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