Winery Wastewater System

Australian wineries produce a huge amount of waste each year – as much as several thousand tonnes! With such an enormous quantity of waste, it’s inevitable the wine industry faces significant challenges. Disposing of unwanted or unnecessary product becomes problematic. Why are professional wastewater treatment companies so important in managing winery wastewater? Read on to learn more.

The challenge of wastewater

While Australian wineries face difficulties in disposing of solid waste, especially as it’s not easily reused as livestock feed and can’t always be composted safely or easily, they run into even greater challenges when it comes to dealing with wastewater.

Wine production involves a lot of water, which is primarily used to wash the equipment and facilities used. Many wineries aren’t small, so the amount of wastewater produced during this process is quite significant. You might think this water can simply just be sent into the sewer, but it’s not that easy given the volume of waste that’s produced. What’s more, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) encourages wineries to treat their wastewater properly. That way they order to minimise any negative consequences or impact on the environment.

One such consequence is algae blooms, which may be caused by the sugar found in winery wastewater. When water contains additional nutrients, algae can overtake the water and cause a great deal of damage to the surrounding ecosystems. As such, it is crucial wineries degrade the biological ingredients found in their wastewater in order to produce a reusable product. A professional treatment company carries the expertise and tools needed to perform this task reliably and safely.

Further, liquid waste produced by a winery usually has extreme pH readings and can often be highly acidic. Additionally, winery wastewater can contain an overload of organic loads. Simply dumping these loads into water will compromise oxygen levels. It can kill off fish and other organisms living in the water.

It is, therefore, crucial wineries engage professional wastewater companies to assist them in the treatment of their wastewater. This will prevent as little impact on the environment as possible.

The benefits of a professional wastewater treatment company

To give you an idea of how much wastewater a winery produces each year, smaller wineries usually generate around 1.5 million litres of wastewater annually. Larger wineries, of course, generate even larger quantities. While wineries are encouraged to comply with guidelines, handling, removing and transporting wastewater is a niche area. It’s therefore important winery owners engage a treatment company with the expertise and equipment needed to handle every task, including the treatment and disposal of winery wastewater.

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