Where does wastewater and sewage come from in wineries?

Many homeowners all around the world rely on sewage systems to pump water and other liquids out of their houses. The sewers under our feet are incredible structures and are essential to ensuring that our homes and streets stay clean. But businesses, including wineries, also use sewage systems to get rid of wastewater that they make.

In this article, we’ll take a look at where wastewater comes from during the winemaking process and how wineries in Australia can effectively treat and save the amount of wastewater that they use in production, for the benefit of their finances and the environment.

Where do wastewater and sewage come from in wineries?

WastewaterIn the winemaking process, water is used in almost all stages of production. From the growing of the grapes to the bottling of the alcoholic liquid, there is a huge amount of winery wastewater. To start with, the grapes used to make wine require constant irrigation to allow them to grow, especially in the driest parts of Australia.

During the production process, all wineries must ensure that the barrels and machinery used to press and create the wine are as clean as possible, so hundreds of thousands of litres of water are used to keep items clean too.

After this water has been used to clean the barrels and machinery, it filters down through the drains of the building into sewage systems. There, it is taken to the sewage works where it is screened. This screening process stops any harmful plastics or items from entering the water system. Next, all of the big pieces of dirt are taken out through sedimentation and then the water is biologically treated.

Because wineries use so much water, it is important that they have a dedicated system to deal with the wastewater which can both help them to save money and also help them to reduce their impact on the environment. A large South-Australian winery, for example, may lose $2.4–3.4 million per year in wastewater.

Why it’s important to have dedicated wastewater and sewage management systems

Many of these wineries are large-scale operations, so they require their own dedicated wastewater and sewage management systems that can help them to reuse and save as much water as possible. At ByJas, we can create a system that cleans and reutilises your wastewater, helping you to save money and be more environmentally friendly in the process.

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