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What are wastewater aerators?

Are you looking to treat wastewater? Look no further than the solutions provided at By Jas. In this blog, we define wastewater aerators, explain why the aeration process is so important and share key information about our wastewater services.

What are wastewater aerators?

Aerators are mechanical devices that are specially designed to mix air with another substance. A wastewater aerator is a device designed to mix oxygen into the wastewater itself. The process of aeration, when working with wastewater, works to treat and stabilise the levels of bacteria in the water, thus improving the quality of the water by balancing the pH levels through circulation movements. Wastewater aerators also work to reduce the level of excess carbon dioxide and alkaline levels in the wastewater.

Why is wastewater aeration important?

Wastewater aeration is an important process because it enables biodegradation to take place. The treatment of the wastewater and the stabilisation of it provides the bacteria within the wastewater to get the oxygen that it needs for biodegradation to happen. The aeration process is important for speeding up the process of biodegradation, as, without it, the process is slower and results in the production of pollution. The aeration process is the most effective way to treat wastewater which is essential to protect both the environment and human health.

Our wastewater treatment services

Here at By Jas, we offer high-quality, effective and efficient wastewater treatment services. For more information about the surface aeration process that we provide for sewage treatment plants, visit our blog.

What is surface aeration?

Here at By Jas, we predominantly offer surface aeration wastewater treatment. The process of surface aeration works by pushing a high volume of water upwards into the air. This causes a splash of water on the surface of the water as the water is physically broken apart meaning that there is a larger surface area that allows for gas exchange. By sending the water upwards in this way, large amounts of oxygen can be effectively added to the water at a faster rate, making it an extremely efficient form of aeration.

Our aerators

Here at By Jas, our surface aerators are extremely reliable in effectively treating wastewater. Designed for longevity, our aerators are the most suitable option for wastewater treatment and activated sludge treatments. The aerators are available as a floating unit, or they can be easily made available with tripods designed to suit light access bridges or for traditional conventional bridge mounting. With the ability to monitor the process of dissolving oxygen, the aerators can be manually or automatically adjusted.

Contact us

For more information about our wastewater aerators or if you have any questions about the aeration process, don’t hesitate contact us. By Jas specialises in sewage and wastewater treatment. Visit it at or call us directly on (03) 5979 1096. We have been in the industry for 35 years and are family-owned and operated. We service across Australia, regional town centres, remote regional areas and main capital cities.


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