Winery Wastewater Treatment

What is involved in the process of winery wastewater treatment?

Winery wastewater is a byproduct of winery operations. It consists of things like unused grapes and juice, the sugars from alcohol and winemaking and any cleansing agents that are applied to tanks, barrels, filters, etc. These waste materials must be processed correctly for maximum efficiency and sustainability.

Fundamental considerations in winery wastewater management

It is good practice to control what gets into the flow of waste. This will help promote better quality in the wastewater. Many wastes can be turned into useful resources with the right management. These can be applied to things like irrigation and industrial use, and reduce risks to the environment.

The management of winery wastewater is crucial to the business and environmental performance of a winery. Failure to manage wastewater correctly can be very harmful to profitability and general operations.

A good approach involves:

  • Cleaner production, reducing waste to improve profits
  • Efficient, cost-effective treatment processes
  • Gaining more options for secure water supplies
  • Focusing on reducing environmental risks from wastewater discharge

It doesn’t have to cost a lot to improve your wastewater management. It can start with improving your operations to reduce waste within the winery.

Effective treatment of winery wastewater

Winery Wastewater TreatmentEnvironmental issues are a critical factor to be competitive in the wine industry. Winery wastewater has a high biochemical oxygen demand, meaning it is highly biodegradable. As such, treatment often involves biological processes, but there are actually several broad options.

  • Physical and chemical processes like filtration, settling tanks, pH correction and screening.
  • Mechanical processes like tickling filtration or activated sludge.
  • Natural systems like wetlands or anaerobic or aerobic ponds.

The correct treatment system generally depends on site-specific factors:

  • The characteristics of the wastewater.
  • Requirements for effluent quality.
  • Availability of space and buffer requirements.
  • Budget.
  • Technical capabilities.

So, for example, a smaller winery with limited land availability may be best suited to a physical system coupled with filtration. A large winery, on the other hand, may be suited to mechanical techniques for biological treatment and reuse.

Managing residuals

Wastewater TreatmentAll wastewater treatment techniques produce sludge as a result of settlement and organic matter degradation. This sludge must be routinely removed, and the frequency of removal depends on the type of system. Disposal of this sludge often consists of land spreading as it can be beneficial for soil, but there are limitations to this.

It is very common today to look for sustainable solutions wherever possible. A professional wastewater treatment firm like By-Jas can help with this. We can offer expert advice and consultation as well as support in implementing and maintaining new systems to improve your wastewater management. There are often many opportunities to make these improvements for greater sustainability and efficiency.

Get in touch with the winery wastewater experts

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We have been in the industry for 35 years and are family-owned.

We service across Australia, regional town centres, remote regional areas, and main capital cities.


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