Aerobic Wastewater Treatment

What is aerobic wastewater treatment?

Wastewater, also called sewage, is water that has been polluted by human activities in their residences, businesses, and industrial plants. There is a wide range of contaminants present in wastewater, so it must undergo treatment to remove those impurities, before it reaches rivers, lakes and other bodies of water.

This process of purifying wastewater is called wastewater treatment and it is the major element of controlling pollution. There are four systems of treating wastewater – biological, chemical, physical and sludge treatments. Aerobic wastewater treatment is a part of the biological process, which uses oxygen to break down the nitrogen, phosphorous pollutants, and the organic contaminants. Air is mixed into the sewage continuously, using a mechanical device called surface aerators.

Aerobic wastewater treatment is used typically as a secondary treatment stage; after initially removing the larger contaminants. This technology is very efficient in breaking down wastes that are laden with organic matter, so this process which uses surface aerators is great to use to treat wastes generated by industries, such as food, beverage, wineries, oil, gas, chemical manufacturing, municipal industries, pulp, and paper mills.

If you’re looking for a supplier of surface aerators for your aerobic wastewater treatment, you can rely on By-Jas Engineering. We have more than 30 years’ experience, carrying out custom designs and manufacturing surface aerators, for aerobic wastewater treatment, for a range of applications.

If you’re wondering how surface aerators work, below is a brief description:

Aerobic Wastewater TreatmentThe surface aerator system pushes water up into the air, from under the surface of the water. As the droplets fall back into the water, it mixes with oxygen. The pumping action of this aeration device is so powerful that it breaks the wastewater into a spray of particles, driving oxygen into the wastewater. How well these devices work depends on the amount of contact between water and the air. The device sits on the surface, so this is very successful in introducing oxygen to the wastewater.

Besides being used in the aerobic wastewater treatment, surface aerators are also beneficial to keep bodies of water circulating, keep it odour free and healthy. If you’ve recently noticed the water features at public parks or golf courses, they are good examples of surface aerators.

Looking to treat the wastewater from your property and/or control your anaerobically treated water? Our offer is a full range of aerobic treatment systems that produces good quality secondary effluent and applicable to all kinds of industry.

Feel free to reach out to By-Jas Engineering, with your enquiries or to set up a consultation, with one of our engineers. We can provide you with a free, no-obligation quote. Please contact us on (03) 5979 1096 or visit us at

We will be happy to take you through the steps we take in developing wastewater treatment solutions, so that we can give you a budget or cost, for your specific wastewater treatment needs.

We service main capital cities, regional town centres, all remote regional areas across Australia.


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