Wastewater companies manufacturing in Australia

Clean water is among the most important natural resource on the planet. Wastewater, which means used water basically, is also of important, especially with drought and water shortages that happen time and again, in many regions of Australia. The problem is wastewater has many harmful substances and should be treated first before it can be discharged to the environment for use.

Thus, the purpose of wastewater treatment is twofold:

  1. To restore the water supply. Viewing a drought map will make you realise that there are many areas in Australia that do not have enough water. Those communities with water scarcity should make sure that they have good wastewater treatment plants in place, so that water that has been purified and can be reused for other purposes, or returned to the water cycle and never wasted.
  2. To protect the planet from toxins. Wastewater contains contaminants such as chemical compounds and pathogens coming from use by residential and commercial premises.

These contaminants can harm the plants, animals, and birds that are living in the water or near it.  These polluting substances can also make the water harmful for crops and drinking water, thereby affecting human health. Wastewater treatment is of central importance to protect the health of many ecosystems.

Thus, treating wastewater has become on ongoing challenge not only for Australian communities, but worldwide. As environmental regulations become stricter, cost-effective and high-quality treatment solutions become essential.

There are many wastewater companies in Australia offering their products for stormwater and wastewater treatment solutions. Of all these companies, you can rely on By-Jas Engineering, with their 35 years’ experience in the industry of wastewater treatment. By-Jas designs, manufactures, supplies, installs, commissions and services wastewater system equipment that are used in many regions of Australia.

As one of the wastewater companies, we produce equipment that are cost effective and good quality, as we are aware of the requirement for reliable wastewater treatment products that suit every application. Our products have been engineered for use in municipal, mining, wineries, oil and gas, food and beverage industry, and commercial/industrial developments.

We have a team of dedicated and passionate wastewater treatment experts, who are willing and happy to provide you their best service at every opportunity. We offer you custom-made equipment that has passed the Australian Engineering Standards, and we can make an onsite visit to your property to assess the suitability of the equipment that you require. Should you need a quote, we can provide you a quick one, and our rates are all reasonable and competitive. We are a trusted leader in the wastewater treatment equipment manufacturing and we can deliver according to your needs and specifications.

Don’t forget to get in touch with us for any further information. Contact us and we are happy to help with our friendly, knowledgeable, and professional staff. All our work, products and services are guaranteed, including the performance and the mechanical integrity of our wastewater treatment plant. Simply, call us on (03)-5979-1096, or visit us at www.byjas.com.au

Let’s talk about organising the best wastewater treatment plant for your property.

We service right across Australia, not just the capital cities but also across regional town centers along with other remote regional areas.


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