wastewater treatment system

Process of Wastewater Treatment System

An effective wastewater treatment system is crucial to make wastewater safe to reuse and return to the environment. They also ensure industries and companies maintain safety regulations if they’re producing wastewater as part of their operations. While you might think wastewater’s mostly water – which it is – and therefore isn’t harmful, it does contain dangerous contaminants which need to be removed before the water can be released and reused. How do wastewater treatment systems work? Read on to learn more!

What do wastewater treatment systems do?

A wastewater treatment system is made of a range of technologies which tackle different treatment needs, and which are easily adaptable to fluctuating requirements. They’re designed to handle adjustments in chemical volume, varying flow and contamination, changes in water effluent needs, and variations in water chemistry needs.

How do wastewater treatment systems work?

Wastewater treatment processes do vary, but generally, you’ll see systems including the following steps.


In the coagulation stage, chemicals are added to a reaction tank to eradicate contaminants and bulk-suspended solids. Coagulation also removes finer particles in the water by fusing them into larger particles that then settle.


Water then flows into a flocculation chamber, where it’s stirred with polymers to create large, snowflake-shaped particles that easily settle.


The water and flocculated material enter the circular sedimentation chamber. Water rises to the top, overflowing at the perimeter of the clarifier. This process is slow and allows for the gentle settling of solid particles as a layer of sludge at the base of the clarifier. After this step is done, solids are raked to the clarifier’s centre and then into a cylindrical tube, where it’s slowly mixed before the sludge is pumped.


Once dewatering has been completed, the water passes through gravity sand filters, which usually contain jagged-edged, fine silica sand. The sand traps particles in the water, removing further contaminants the previous stages may have missed.


Chlorination or disinfection now takes place, helping to kill any bacteria lurking in the filtered water.


If the water will be reused, it’s pumped into a holding tank where it can be repurposed for industrial processes based on a facility’s demands.

Wastewater treatment systems: a benefit to your industry

Wastewater treatment is a complicated process relying on efficient, high-tech equipment. Various industries, such as wineries, produce a lot of wastewater, and thus it’s crucial they have safe, effective practices in place to clean, filter and disinfect their wastewater so that it can be reused and cause minimal impact to the surrounding area.

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