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How Does Winery Wastewater Treatment Work?


How Does Winery Wastewater Treatment Work?

How Does Winery Wastewater Treatment Work?

Used water from the homes and industries that is no longer suitable to be re-used again, can be converted into an effluent that can either be discharged back to the environment, or used for irrigation purposes. This process is referred to as wastewater treatment. With the right equipment and management, the contaminated water can be beneficial, rather than damaging to the environment.  

An example of industrial waste is winery wastewater. The waste is brought about by the crushing and pressing of grapes, cleaning and washing, barrel washing, rinsing of tanks, residual drainage, bottling, filter washing and clean-in-place operation. Also included here are the remaining alcohol and sugar from the wine making process and unused grapes and juices.

Winery Wastewater Treatment

By Jas Engineering designs, manufactures and installs all-inclusive equipment, specifically for the treatment of wastewater from the winery industry. We have more than 35 years’ experience in the business and we also have a team of knowledgeable and skilled personnel, who are experts in the treatment of winery wastewater. Our process in the treatment of such waste, can help to reduce the wastewater cost of treatment, thus adding to your profitability. Furthermore, you can reuse the treated water faster and in a more effective manner. The process works as follows:

*  The Pre-Treatment and Neutralization step separates the solids contained in the wastewater, so that it won’t create difficulties because of their size.

*  The Primary Treatment eliminates around 30-40% of organic matter.

*  The Secondary Treatment removes the organic matter and nutrients that have been dissolved in the wastewater.

*  The Advanced Treatment finally improves the quality of the effluent, from the secondary treatment.

As you can see from the process, the quality of winery wastewater can be achieved, by controlling what gets into the flow of waste. After crushing of the grapes, wineries have a huge number of stems, pulps and seeds that enter the wastewater system. By Jas Engineering has a screening system that effectively captures and removes the solid materials. This prevents overloading of the treatment process, while providing irrigation-quality water that can be used for growing.

If you are looking to install a winery wastewater treatment system to your business, By Jas Engineering is more than happy to offer to you; our custom-designed solutions for wastewater treatment for wineries. We make practical and effective use of modern-age technology, as well as leading products to address the requirements of wastewater treatment. We also deal with sewage treatment, sludge dewatering, as well as aerated systems in lakes and rivers. We use the aerator device, to add oxygen to the water.

Winery Wastewater Treatment

Contact us for more information at your convenience. We will be happy to discuss with you, how our winery wastewater treatment solutions, can help make your business become more profitable, increase your efficiency and improve your operations. Our system can also save you money. Ask us how. Visit us at or call us on (03) 5979 1096

Our services cover all of Australia’s main capital cities, regional town centers and all other regional areas right across Australia. Visit us to see a list of our completed projects.


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