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Why is Aeration important in Wastewater Treatment?

Why is Aeration Important in Wastewater Treatment?

Wastewater is contaminated water, resulting from domestic, commercial, agricultural and industrial activities. It also comes from surface runoffs or storm water and sewer infiltration or inflow. When wastewater is yet to be treated, it contains nitrogen and phosphorous nutrients, organic matter, bacteria, viruses and protozoa (pathogens), worms and other parasites, oils and grease, water runoff from the roofs, parking lots and streets. Wastewater may also include metals, including mercury.

Wastewater should be treated for the purpose of removing most of the suspended solids, so that when the effluent is disposed of, it will not cause damage to human health and the environment. There are various methods of wastewater treatment and among these is the surface aeration.

By-Jas Engineering is able to supply you with aeration equipment, as we are in the business of designing, manufacturing, installing and maintaining of a large variety of aerators. We produce and supply floating surface aerators, wastewater aerators, surface aerators and sewage treatment and clarifiers right across the country and are made right here in Australia.

Surface aeration means that air is added to the wastewater, to allow aerobic bio-degradation of the polluting substances. It is an essential part of the most biological treatment systems, using naturally occurring microorganisms, to stabilise the contaminants.

Aeration provides the needed oxygen to eliminate bacteria, for treating the wastewater. It allows bio-degradation to happen. Oxygen allows the bacteria to break down the organic matter. Without sufficient oxygen, it is impossible for the bacteria to effect bio-degradation in a reasonable time.

Our aeration equipment provides numerous benefits, some of them are as follows:

  • Portability

AerationSurface aerators simply float on the water surface. They are held by moorings on a pontoon that are attached to anchor. It makes moving the aerator easy and simple, when you need to position it, to a new location. You just disconnect the unit to its anchor and pull it where it should be.

  • Installation is easy

Our aerators do not require subsurface mounting. Simply place it in a new location, taking care not to drain the cell and attach it to its mooring. After electrical cables have been connected, it is ready to run.

  • Great to use in a rough environment

The materials used in our aerators are stainless steel, so it can resist corrosion very effectively. The material also makes surface aeration adaptable to use, in the most extreme environment, like for example in chemical plants and industrial pulp and paper industries.

  • Great to use in shallow water

Our surface aeration device does it’s work at the surface. Hence it does it’s work, exactly where it should and hence does it effectively.

  • Not affected by surfactants

Surfactants are substances lining the surface area, between water and air and forms a barrier for the transfer of oxygen. Aerators avoid this issue, by having the bubbles forced into the water and cause it to move forcefully, using a propeller. With this action, the influence of the surfactant is greatly decreased.

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