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Why Choose an Australian Wastewater Equipment Manufacturer?


Why choose an Australian Wastewater Equipment Manufacturer?

Why Choose an Australian Wastewater Equipment Manufacturer?

As the Australian climate continues to dry and the population continues to grow in number, water crisis is continuing to be felt not only in this country, but all over the world. To make its effects to residents less consequential, many companies have developed projects and technologies, some examples of which include desalination, rain harvesting and wastewater treatment.

There are wastewater equipment manufacturers in many countries that offer their technologies and innovative projects. If you have to choose which company to engage and you are living in a certain region of Australia, there is no reason to commit your wastewater treatment plant to a foreign company. After all, the products of the Australian wastewater equipment manufacturers are as good and as effective as the others.

By Jas Engineering is an Australian company that is involved in the designing, manufacturing, installing, and manufacturing the equipment into a world class product. We can deliver wastewater solutions that are perfectly suitable for the purpose, due to our specialised service; coupled with our more than 35 years of experience in the industry. Subsequently, this has made us a renown wastewater equipment manufacturer, with a wide range of wastewater and sewage treatment across Australia.

Our specialties include wastewater treatment systems, winery wastewater treatment systems and aerator systems. We do not simply produce clear water from the sewage, but we are also focused on recovering nutrients and generating energy. We use innovative technologies that allow us to use less energy on our processes, while liquid waste that we have treated; are guaranteed to exceed the strictest, most precise, and exacting regulations by government and relevant authorities.

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The wastewater treatment equipment manufactured by by- jas Engineering are fully compliant with environmental and health standards. This means that this wastewater equipment manufacturer is able to meet the water quality standards required for treated liquid waste or for use as recycled water. We also meet the level of quality of water that are applicable to water releases to the environment.

Today, more and more Australian homes are serviced by a wastewater treatment plant that are built, operated, and maintained by by-jas Engineering. This proves that businesses and their teams have started to place their trust in Australian wastewater equipment manufacturers.

We would like to share the credit with our friendly expert team that help us provide quality custom made wastewater treatment solutions. Our people have extensive knowledge and experience; when it comes to treatment of sewage/liquid waste, aerator system in lakes and rivers and sludge dewatering or draining. We have the necessary skills at working within your budget for on-site treatment systems and other projects and we do not compromise on the quality of our work and after sales service.

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If you need additional information or you have questions that you want answered, please contact us.  We will make ourselves available, as soon as you get in touch and we will be happy to sit down with you or arrange site inspections and free quotes.  

Call us on 03 5979 1096 or email us on

Call us now and let’s discuss your project.


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