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What are wastewater aerators?

What are wastewater aerators?

When treating wastewater from residential, industrial, and commercial purposes, you should also consider the health of the environment. The use of chemicals to remove the contaminants if not treated in the correct manner can cause severe damage to the surroundings. Therefore, an aeration system is highly recommended, because it is the most efficient way to control pollution, thus improving water quality, prior to its discharge to the environment. The aeration system is also called the activated sludge process of treating wastewater.

Aeration is the process of bringing air into close contact with water for the purpose of removing dissolved gases like carbon dioxide. Aeration also helps in oxidizing dissolved metals like iron, as well as removing Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs) in the water. The process keeps your costs down and your business becomes as eco-friendly, as you would like it to be. Wastewater aerators are the technical equipment used in the process.

An aeration system of treating wastewater is an efficient and effective way to treat wastewater and for the right type of Australian made aerators By-Jas Engineering is the right place to go. We are a leading designer, manufacturer and installer of wastewater treatment equipment, including surface aerators. Our products are low maintenance, and can serve various applications across Australia, such as:

  • Winery Wastewater and Dairy Wastewater Treatment
  • Leachate Treatment or Landfill Leachate Treatment, Abattoir Wastewater Treatment
  • Pulp and Paper Wastewater Treatment and Municipal or Sewage Treatment. 

Surface aerators work by pushing water up from under the surface of the water and into the air. The droplets that they create collect oxygen, as they fall back into the water. With a varying degree of force, the jets of water, break the water surface. The bacteria must be fed with oxygen, in order for them to multiply and be able to break down the biological matter present in the wastewater.

Mixing oxygen into the wastewater makes the treatment more effective. While the bacteria can do the job on their own, it will take them a very long time and the results are not as effective. Surface aerators do not only inject oxygen into the wastewater, but distribute it with precision. There needs to be sufficient oxygen to feed all the bacteria, so oxygen must be distributed evenly.

Bubblers and fountains are among the many types of surface aerator systems produced by By-Jas Engineering. We are specialists in floating aerators and our devoted team will work with you to cover all aspects – from the design up to the manufacture and commissioning of your water treatment device. When it comes to quality, attention to detail and customer care, you’ll find our team dedicated to satisfying all your expectations. 

Our 35 years of invaluable service make us confident to offer to you our quality surface aerators and other water treatment equipment that are manufactured to the highest Australian Engineering Standards.

Call us if you are interested and speak with one of our friendly engineers, if you want us to arrange onsite inspections, to increase your knowledge of our wastewater treatment systems and equipment, we are happy to help.

We can also offer you with a free, no-obligation quote. Contact us (03) 5979 1096 or visit our site at

Our services cover the regional town centers, main capital cities and all other regional areas and Australia.


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