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What are the different types of Floating Surface Aerators?

What are the different types of Floating Surface Aerators?

By-Jas Engineering is a trusted name in the wastewater treatment industry. The company is involved in the design, manufacture, installation, maintenance, and service of a wide range of wastewater and sewage treatment equipment, specialising in aerators. Aerators are mechanical devices used in mixing air, with water to allow aerobic degradation of the polluting components. The aeration process is most used in industrial and municipal sewage treatment, lagoon aeration, fish farm, pond and lake aeration, wineries as well as range across a variety of industries.

Water aeration comes in two different types: the subsurface and the surface aeration. In spite of the fact that subsurface aeration first occurs to mind; when it comes to wastewater treatment, surface aeration has an equally important role to play, in supplying the liquid waste with oxygen.

By-Jas Engineering have surface aerators, which are also called the floating surface aerators. These devices push water from below the surface of the water into the air. As the droplets fall back down into the water, they mix in oxygen and the surface breaks with different degrees of force by the jets of water.

There are various types of floating surface aerators:

  1. Bubblers or fine bubble aeration diffusers, which can also be an essential device to oxygenate the wastewater treatment plant.
  2. Fountains are spray like devices that provide oxygen exchange at the water surface and the discharge of gases; such as hydrogen sulfide, methane and carbon dioxide. Fountains also provide an aesthetic view.
  3. Agitators are floating surface aerators for ponds and lakes. These devices float on top of the water and mix the water surface with a boiling effect, instead of the aesthetics of fountains.
  4. Floating paddle wheel aerators have rotating blades that produce strong mixing action. The mist created by the movement of the paddle allows for a high rate of oxygen transfer.

Bacteria needs oxygen, so that biodegradation can happen. When there’s not enough oxygen in the wastewater, bacteria will not be able to decompose the organic matter, in a sufficient amount of time. This situation results in degradation occurring under septic conditions, which is slow and odorous.

Floating aerators can be used in various applications including wastewater treatment and leachate treatment, among others. How well these devices work is reliant upon the amount of surface contact between the air and water. Because floating aerators sit on the surface; it is very successful in introducing oxygen on the top foot of the water body, as determined by the type of nozzle used.

The aerators by By-Jas Engineering are planned for consistent performance and long life. It can be used for bridge mounting, with light access bridges or tripods or as surface floating pontoons. For treatment of activated sludge, it can be installed in plain, low cost, rectangular tanks; the size and arrangement of which; provides limitless ideas for the treatment plant designer.

By-Jas Engineering has over 35 years’ experience in the field of wastewater treatment. We are proud of our team of experts in sewage treatment with the goal to always meet the clients’ requirements and expectations.

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