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Sewage treatment plant design

Sewage treatment plant design

Sewage treatment is the process of getting rid of the contaminants from the liquid waste, using physical, chemical and biological processes. Its purpose is the produce a treated effluent and solid waste that can be safely released back and not harm the environment.

The wastewater treatment process is designed to be divided into four stages, to make sure that good water quality and sanitation are attained. The wastewater treatment process is composed of the following.:

– Preliminary treatment uses large screens to filter and separate inorganic matter – paper, plastic, metal, wood, tree leaves and heavy inorganic solids. This is followed by elimination of oil and grease.

– Primary treatment removes solid particles of organic material by gravity settling at the tank bottom. The resulting primary sludge goes then to the tank center, concentrated and pumped away for further treatment.

– Secondary treatment is the activated sludge process. It is also called biological process because it uses microorganisms to break down the dissolved organic solids. The wastewater then goes to the aeration chamber, where air is mixed with water, to provide oxygen that encourages the growth of bacteria that breaks down the organic pollutants.

– Tertiary treatment is the final stage; the disinfection process using chlorine to remove any biological pathogens, the disease-causing bacteria present in the wastewater.

This process may be repeated more than once, if the purpose of the treatment is for treated water to be used for irrigation of food crops. Once the processes are completed, you get clean and usable water.

If you are thinking of installing a sewage treatment plant and looking for a company that has the experience, quality and results then By-Jas Engineering Pty Ltd offers a wide range of sewage treatment services, starting from design, to manufacture, installation and to a smooth completion of the operation. Other services include ongoing maintenance services.

Our designs are high quality and backed by world leading technology and our designers are guaranteed to not only meet, but exceed your expectations. We also are compliant of local and state regulatory requirements.

When designing your sewage treatment plant, our designers take into consideration many factors, including, but not limited to the following:

Sewage Treatment Plant

  •  suitability of soil conditions
  • susceptibility of site to flooding
  • location of drinking water sources and ground water wells
  • location of site from residential areas
  • prevailing wind directions
  • allowance for future expansions and many others.

Our sewage treatment plant design is not only to produce clean and reusable water, but it also provides other benefits as follows:

1. Waste Reduction

Wastewater treatment reduces the amount of waste released to the environment, thereby improving environmental health. The process also reduces a country’s cost of rehabilitating the environment to battle pollution.

2. Energy Production

The sludge collected during the wastewater treatment process, contains large quantities of biodegradable material. So, it is treated with anaerobic bacteria to produce gas with methane, which is then collected and burned to generate electricity.

3. Fertilizer Production

Natural fertilizer is produced by drying any biodegradable material, resulting in natural fertilizer, for use in the agricultural sector. This therefore reduces the use of chemical fertilizer.

Contact us at (03) 5979 1096 and speak to one of our wastewater treatment experts. We will be happy to help you, with the design and manufacture of the facility that you have in mind. For further information, please visit our website

Our services cover regional town centres, across Australia and all other regional areas and its main capital cities.


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