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Winery Wastewater Treatment and Attaining Sustainability

Winery Wastewater Treatment and Attaining Sustainability

Winery wastewater is produced during a series of processes in wine making. It is uses water and anything else that is put down the drains – unused grapes, juice, alcohol, sugar, cleaning agents, washing grapes before crushing, spillage, water for sanitation and equipment cleaning.

Wastewater contains organic compounds, yeast and bacteria, so it must undergo winery wastewater treatment, before it is discharged, without negatively affecting the environment. The characteristics of winery wastewater vary from one winery to the next and it is affected by the type of wine that is produced and the climate.

If you are looking for a company that can design, manufacture, install, commission, and maintain a winery wastewater treatment system,  By-Jas Engineering have the experience, knowledge and results that can help. Our 35 years of experience in the industry, allow us to have a comprehensive and authoritative knowledge in the treatment of wastewater in the winery industry.

Because the environment is an important factor in the competitiveness of the wine making industry, we have optimised our wastewater treatment and we can offer you a robust choice of processes. This can reduce the impact and at the same time save you energy.

This is how we process the winery wastewater:

Winery Wastewater Treatment

  1. Pre-Treatment step separates the solids present in the wastewater, as their size can create difficulties in the process.
  2. Primary Treatment gets rid of about 30-40 per cent of organic matter
  3. Secondary Treatment removes the nutrients and organic matter that have been dissolved in the wastewater.
  4. Advanced Treatment finally improves the quality of the effluent from Step 3.

We achieve the quality of winery wastewater by controlling what gets into it. By-Jas Engineering uses a screening system that can capture and eliminate all the solid materials. The water quality that is produced by our system, is irrigation quality that you can use to water and grow your plants.

Besides the biological processes that we apply to treat winery wastewater, we also adapt physical/chemical processes (as in screening and settling tanks) and mechanically based biological processes (as in activated sludge, filtration, trickling, etc.). We also have treatments through lagoons and ponds that include biological, aerobic and anaerobic processes.

It has become a common practice in industries, to look for sustainable solutions for any activities. Sustainability means achieving the appropriate environmental, economic and social outcomes. So, for wineries, sustainable practices include minimal use of fertilisers and insecticides.

Another related concept to this is financial sustainability, which can be attained by reducing the environmental impact, while supporting the company’s commercial position. Another idea includes energy generation from waste and providing better security in water supply for the vineyard.

If you are thinking about installing a winery wastewater treatment plant on your property, we are confident our knowledge, skills and services can deliver to meet your needs. We have a team of licensed tradespeople, who can provide you with a custom design solution for your wastewater treatment needs. We use modern technology and up to date equipment that will allow you to attain sustainability.

Contact us so we can discuss how our winery wastewater solutions can help make your business increase efficiency, improve operations and become more profitable. Call us on (03) 5979 1096 Or visit us at and we can provide you with more information.

We service regional town centres, main capital cities, all other regional areas right across Australia. All equipment in manufactured right here in Australia.


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