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Why would you need a Sewage Treatment Plant?

Why Would You Need A Sewage Treatment Plant?

Occurring on a regular basis in many countries, is the pumping of great volumes of wastewater into bodies of water, such as rivers, lakes, oceans, and streams. As we all know, this practice has a negative effect on the environment, animals, and fisheries.

Wastewater, in simple terms, is water that has been made impure, by the addition of polluting substances, resulting from domestic or commercial processes. In the commercial aspect of sewerage, by-products from large-scale industries like wineries, mining and manufacturing contribute to much of the problem.

This is the reason why a sewage treatment plant, also referred to as wastewater treatment plant, is required by many commercial and industrial industries as well as government organisations. This is the process that converts the liquid waste from its “not fit to be used” state into something that can be reused for another purpose, or discharged back to the water cycle, with no or less environmental issues. Many governments are now taking steps in dealing with wastewater problems and most are making technical leaps to make this happen.

Wastewater, after the treatment, can be reused and can help to minimsze water scarcity. With the growing population and water being one of the most valuable, yet critical resources, governments around the globe are taking steps to make the much-needed changes in water conservation.

Without proper sewage treatment, used water can have a negative effect on the environment and human health. Therefore, before liquid waste is discharged back to the environment, the suspended solids must first be removed. 

The modern wastewater treatment systems provide the following benefits and the living things that are in it:

*  It rids potential diseases, by eliminating harmful and disease-causing bacteria. Such contaminants are filtered out, before allowing the effluent to leave the tank and enter the ground.

*  A sewage treatment plant is cost effective. When properly maintained, sewage treatment plant can function at its optimum, up to 15 years or more.

*  It breaks down solids faster, than the old system, as it uses the aerobic method of treatment.

*  Requires very little maintenance. A sewage treatment plant does not need close maintenance and it can last much longer, than the previous models.

*  No or lower water bills. If you have a wastewater treatment system on your property, there is no concern associated with water costs.

*  The system ejects minimal odour, thus bad odour is never an issue.

*  Does not waste water, as much as the mains.

Deciding to purchase and install a sewage treatment plant could be the best decision you can make. By-Jas Engineering designs, manufactures, installs, and commissions wastewater treatment equipment, using the latest developments in technology. Our systems are easy to maintain, economical and eco-friendly, compared to other models. With more than 35 years’ experience, in the field of sewage treatment, we can provide our clients, with highly specialized services. We offer surface aeration equipment, which is an essential component of the wastewater system.

Contact us for details on (03 5979 1096) or if you want to learn more about the system, visit us at Our team of experts will be happy to help.

Our services are available in the main capital cities, other regional areas, across Australia and regional town centers.


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