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We manufacture and install surface aerators in ponds for wineries

We manufacture and install surface aerators in ponds for wineries

Wastewater and sewage treatment are an extremely important in the winery industry. If the wastewater is not treated sufficiently; it can cause permit suspension and therefore interruption of the production process. It may also result in health concerns and lead to hefty fines.

Most wineries build a pond or lagoon, where the wastewater goes. This is an ideal treatment option for processing winery wastewater; because it is cost effective, easy to operate, sustainable and relatively low maintenance. Winery wastewater; usually includes liquid spillage and solids, such as seeds, yeast, stalks, cleaning chemicals and sedimentation waste.

Businesses within the winery industry; should make sure that there is enough oxygen in the pond, otherwise the water will have a bad odor as well as become a breeding ground for bacteria. This is where surface aerators pond come into the picture. These are devices that are used to add oxygen to the wastewater, so that the pond can be maintained in its optimal condition.

By-Jas Engineering is in the business of wastewater treatment equipment. We plan, construct, and install surface aerators in ponds for wineries. These are also called floating aerators because they “float” along the top of the pond on specially designed pontoons.


Surface aerators work by pulling water from the top of the pond and throwing it into the air, disturbing the water surface and the air bubbles are forced down to infuse the pond with oxygen quickly and efficiently. This type of aerator is also sometimes referred to as ‘fountain”, as it adds an aesthetic appeal to its function.

Another type of surface aerator will pull air from above the pond; but instead of throwing water across the pond, it injects air below the surface in a continuous motion. Both types of surface aerators ponds are very effective in providing enough oxygen to the wastewater.

If you are in the market for a more affordable and more environmentally friendly way to treat wastewater in wineries, the surface aerator ponds by By-Jas Engineering can help. We can provide you with highly flexible and efficient aerators for variable flow, temperature, pH, disinfectant and nutrient concentrations and organics. The treated wastewater becomes non-odorous; once the proper aeration is maintained.

Our floating aerators are engineered for efficiency and requires minimal maintenance. We have been leading the wastewater equipment industry for the past 30 years and over, which is why, we are confident in offering you our high-quality Australian made products and services. We have a range of wastewater treatment products that can be utilised for sewage treatment, sludge dewatering and aerator system in lakes and rivers.

We’ll be happy to discuss your project with you, whether it be design, budget costs and estimates. Our team: with its extensive knowledge and skills in wastewater treatment can furnish you with the necessary information and explain how the process works. As far as wastewater treatment companies goes, By-Jas does it all from design, manufacture, installation, servicing, and maintenance. When it comes to treatment of liquid waste generated by the wineries, we have the required equipment, and skills to provide a quality solution that will be highly cost effective.

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