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Process of Wastewater Treatment System

Process of Wastewater Treatment System

The ever-increasing population of today, produces greater volumes of residential and industrial wastewater, which causes pollution if not controlled. Australians are environmentally conscious as a rule. Many industries, households, governments, etc. all use wastewater treatment to control pollution. This system functions to expedite the natural process of purifying wastewater.

The wastewater treatment process requires a series of tanks, screens, grit chambers, sedimentation tank, filters, etc., to achieve the three desired levels of treatment. Finding a trusted and reliable Australian wastewater equipment manufacturer can be problematic; this is whereby-Jas Engineering can help. We have been servicing the industry for 30 years aright across the country, so we are confident we can help meet your requirements.

This wastewater treatment equipment is used to successfully bring about the three stages of treatment as follows:

Primary Stage – removes large objects, such as rags and sticks that might clog pipes or do damage to the equipment through use of screens. After screening, the smaller particles are removed through the grit chamber. The sedimentation tank separates the liquid from the solid. Note that primary treatment alone, do not have the ability to meet the demand for higher quality of wastewater. This is where the secondary treatment comes in.

Secondary Stage – uses biological methods such as activated sludge, which is a bacteria-containing microorganism responsible for breaking down organic matters. Activated sludge is used jointly, with aeration and agitation. Aeration is the process of bringing air into close contact with liquid waste; which allows bacteria to break down the organic matter into safe by-products. Then there are the trickling filters which are a bed of coarse media that drains below the tank. The lagoons or waste ponds rely upon the reciprocal action of sunlight, microorganisms, algae and oxygen.

Tertiary Stage – is done, once the first two stages have been completed. The wastewater is disinfected with chlorine or other compounds for disinfection. Ozone or ultra violet light may also be used. At this step, almost 99% of impurities from the sewage is removed, giving you an effluent that is almost drinking quality.

If your deciding to choose which company to work with, in relation to your wastewater treatment project, you can’t go wrong with By-Jas Engineering. Why look for a foreign company, when the quality of workmanship and service of By-Jas is the same and may at times exceed the foreign firms?

By-Jas Engineering is an Australian company, and we care about solutions when it comes to wastewater treatment. We are involved with the design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, and servicing of wastewater treatment equipment all over Australia. This means that we can supply you with everything that you need for your liquid waste treatment project.

We specialise in wastewater treatment, aerator systems and winery wastewater treatment. The equipment we produce is fully compliant with environmental health and standards. We can meet the required quality standards for treated wastewater, intended for use as recycled water.

If you looking to solve your wastewater treatment issues and play your part in the in looking after the environment and community, please contact us on (03) 5979 1096. We will guide you through the process and provide you, with the necessary information that you may need or you can visit us at

Our services are available all across Australia – including regional town centers, other regional areas and the main capital cities.


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