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How many aerators do you need for a pond?

How many aerators do you need for a pond?

If you’re managing a winery or any large industry that produces a lot of wastewater, you would likely have a built-in pond, as part of the wastewater treatment. This pond is where your industry’s liquid waste should go; and it should have enough dissolved oxygen; for cleanliness and healthy aquatic life, just like other bodies of water.

For this purpose, you would need to install an aerator. This is a device that is used to infuse oxygen into the water of the pond. You can opt for fountain-style devices that works by circulating air from the pond bottom and spraying it above the surface. Another type of aerator is the grid-style aerator that bubble air into the mix. When dissolved oxygen is added to the wastewater, it results in the breaking down of harmful organic compounds present in the polluted water.

If you do not have yet a surface aerator for wastewater treatment, it’s beneficial to know that; By-Jas Engineering designs, manufactures, installs, services and maintains all types of aerators for the pond holding wastewater. This device is necessary, especially if there is very low dissolved oxygen level in the pond. For a more efficient treatment of wastewater, the larger chemical compounds should also be oxidized and broken down into much fewer toxic compounds.

Wondering how many aerators you would need for your pond? To calculate, you should know the size of the pond and the condition at which the aerator operates? For example, for normal conditions, you may need 2 x 1-1/2HP aerators; and for warm climates, its 2 x 2HP aerators and to a great extent, if the pond has a history of a high pollution problem. However, this is a tricky proposition, so if you are not very sure about the number of aerators, you will need for your pond, please contact us for assistance. Give us the size of the pond, including its shape and depth for proper calculation, budgets and running costs.

Pond aerators are the appropriate devices in the second stage of the treatment system; using the activated sludge process. An aeration system that has been well designed has a direct impact on the quality of water that it achieves. An evenly distributed, ample oxygen supply is the key to effective, fast, and economically feasible and environmentally friendly wastewater treatment process.

The pond aerators of By-Jas Engineering are skillfully and deliberately planned for efficiency and they do not require maximum maintenance. Our more than 30 years’ experience in the industry; gives us the confidence; to offer you our products and services of the highest quality. Also, you can choose from a range of products for wastewater treatment, great to use for sludge dewatering, sewage treatment and aeration in a wide variety of waterways.

Contact us if you are interested in our pond aerators. We have a team of knowledgeable and skillful individuals that can provide you with any information that you require. They can also explain to you comprehensively and in detail; how the aeration process works. By-Jas is the leading Australian company manufacturing right here in Australia. When it comes to treatment of winery and other industries’ liquid wastes give us a call us at (03) 5979 1096 or visit us at today.

We service the main capital cities, regional town centers and other regional areas across Australia.


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